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SONICcontrol is a group making deep beats and music for your soul.
Dj:ing background of Antsu makes the sounds of SONICcontrol unique and challenging.
The combination of digital sound design and live instruments makes the melodic elements, beats and captivating harmonies so interesting.
On gigs, we also do offer cosmic visions, eg. videos, clowns, fire-eaters, dancers and effects.

New song and video "Institute of Life" are also out now.

The song "Hey There World -Dance remix" is out now.

The song "Summer of Chill" is also on Spotify and other digital platforms.

"Karjalan Kunnailla" song is out now, here are some of the links:

  iTunes:  "Karjalan Kunnailla" ,   Spotify: "Karjalan Kunnailla"

The official digital release of the songs "Butterfly of July"  is out now.
iTunes: "Butterfly of July", Spotify: "Butterfly of July"

Latest news can be found by following our Facebook page.
Take a look and fall in love, enjoy.

SONICcontrol are:
Antsu Vuorinen: music, programming, guitars and vocals
Sini Ruusutie: vocals, clarinet, saxophone, fire elements
Nanne Emilia Vaihinen: vocals, saxophones, clarinet, fire elements
Henri Heikkinen: drums, percussions

Special quests
Bellydance Artist

"Asylum Seekers"-project:
Farhand Gharib: vocals
Aljumali Ahmed, vocals

Hamza Ali: keyboards, vocals

Alberto: vocals

Ismail Ibrahem: violin
Marjo Karvonen: vocals (Karjalan Kunnailla, Butterfly of July)
Ukoton Kuoro: the choir (Karjalan Kunnailla)

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